About ProspectsForAgents

We are a lead selling company that operates in many different verticals. Our resources include the ability to generate leads in virtually any vertical which deals with products or services. If sales leads are the lifeblood of your business we have the ability and resources to serve you with:

  • High quality leads, not recycled, not repackaged or oversold but the quality that turns a lead into a sale at a remarkably high rate!
  • Filtering and geographical targeting to provide you with only the prospects that you want in the areas that you choose.Your choice at no extra charge!
  • No long term contracts or minimums. We have to work every day to provide you with the best!
  • Guaranteed leads that have been checked for working phone numbers and an interest in your product. In addition we guarantee that they meet your filtering and other specs!
  • Get started today as we offer leads with minimum order quantity. Discounts for larger quantities are available.
  • No Automatic credit card charges here! It’s your account and you control the transactions!
  • Your own personal key to your account. The account access feature allows you to start/stop and modify at your convenience including providing lead caps based on a daily/weekly basis. All at no extra charge.


There are lots of lead suppliers out there! But only one that I've tried delivers what they say. ProspectsForAgents.com!

Jim Baning Jackson, MS

They really are into fresh, never oversold leads and have offered me incredible control over my account!

Ralph Furnier, Michigan

Had a problem with these guys but they fixed it! I guess they are really like a partner!

Dale Behn, Seattle