What we do

At ProspectsForAgents, This is What We Do!

Lead Generation

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo bring individuals seeking online quotes and information to our many marketing sites. They provide information on our application form and WE.

Confirm and Validate

The information that the customer has provided via our application form. By authenticating that information we reduce bad leads to a minimum and then WE.

Pass The Lead Through Our Filters

Filters both demographic and geo centric are applied and based on your personal filter selection are matched with your requirements then WE.

Route the leads

Directly via email, text message or CRM to you! The best leads matching your criteria and filters reach you while they are still fresh giving you the opportunity to sell a “hot” prospect! And finally WE.

Monitor the quality

To give you only the finest leads available. Our constant checks on the quality of the leads we provide result in a low return rate and our agent support and customer service will be with you when you need it! .