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Leads for Life Insurance Agents at ProspectsForAgents!

Life insurance sales leads are an important part of the variety of sales leads available at Prospects for Agents! Buying exclusive life insurance leads for agents without contracts or long term commitments and restrictions you may find elsewhere is not the way we do business! See why buying life insurance leads from us is a different and better way to build your business!

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Life insurance lead generation companies will tell you their leads are high quality! The proof is results, and life insurance leads for agents that don’t translate into policies written are a waste of valuable time and money! The best life insurance lead companies, have SEO based websites that attract prospects who are considering the purchase of life insurance. We take those internet life insurance leads verify them and send them on to you while their interest is at its peak!

Exclusive Life Insurance Leads that Include the Following:
  • Filters for geographic area
  • Current status of insurance covered or not
  • Coverage amount desired
  • Type of policy and length of term
  • Age that can be adjusted for min/max
  • BMI body mass index requirements
  • Drug or Tobacco use
  • Job status and occupation
  • Health Conditions
  • Marital Status

Of course in addition to customizable filter possibilities Prospects for Agents offers an agent focused customer service staff that will assist you when needed! Buying life insurance leads couldn’t be easier!