Leads Types

At ProspectsForAgents We Provide Quality Insurance Leads In the Following Lines

Auto Insurance

Our auto insurance leads are sorted to your specifications with both demographic and geo-centric filters. Provided to a maximum of 2 agents they are validated for correct information by our call center authentication process. Grow your business in one of our most frequently accessed internet insurance verticals.

Life Insurance

With leads available for life insurance and end of life expenses as well our twice sold only leads are obtained from our marketing sites in the 25-75 year old age bracket and represent an exceptional group of intentional buyers for your line of life insurance products.

Health Insurance

The Affordable Care Act endures and the impact on health insurance as the penalties for non- participation continue to escalate remains a great opportunity for agents that offer such coverage. Our almost exclusive (only sold twice) leads represent some of the most intentional buyers in the insurance business.

Home Insurance

Homeowner insurance is required by mortgage lenders and like auto insurance is a frequently sought quote on our marketing websites. We have fresh, twice sold only, leads for both homeowners and renters insurance. Verified through our call center verification process they represent real sales growth opportunities.