The Most Successful Holiday Marketing Strategy For Insurance Agents

seasonal insurance marketing

Using holiday season to market your insurance business makes sense if you really intend to boost your revenue earnings. Every insurance agent wants to close financial year on a strong note and to that effect, it is their duty to evaluate the outcome of advertising efforts throughout the year. And it is important that you as an insurance agent keep your advertisement campaigns live even while the holiday season is approaching.

The months of November and December provide you an opportunity for making an impact. But for that, you need to prepare yourself for connecting and engaging with your lead prospects.

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4 major reasons why seasonal insurance marketing during holidays might help

  • As spring approaches, agents get the much needed boost for selling car insurance covers. So, if you keep your advertisement and marketing campaigns alive during November and December you will be basically positioning yourself for dealing with potential customers who intend to make insurance purchases for new or used cars.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has ensured that more and more people spend time on the internet and do online shopping. Even insurance companies have found online advertising and marketing strategies better to connect with probable clients. Many states will be facing cold and chilly winters during the months of November and December making people stay indoors. And high-end customers will be seeking for insurance solutions
  • Another major reason for capitalizing on the holiday marketing idea for insurance agent is to make sure that you do not let the calendar to restrict your ability to do business. By conducting advertising and marketing campaigns online, you can humanize your insurance selling services by targeting big groups or communities. Many charitable and non-charitable organizations will hold functions during Christmas and New Year.
  • Adult customers that have family responsibilities will be coming home to be with their families in November and December for Christmas holidays. You can target such lead prospects by effectively using advertising and digital marketing campaigns and convert them into potential clients. Hundreds of people browse the internet during vacations and you may real chance of selling insurance policies
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