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How Many Insurances Leads A Day Should An Agent Be Taking Published 2 days ago

How many times should insurance professionals call each lead that they buy or generate? Well, it is a question that needs an explanative answer based on lead conversion analytics. On studying as well as analyzing a huge quantity of leads, you may realize that the faster an insurance agent contacts a lead prospect, the better are the chances of conversion.

Studies show that agents, who contacted freshly received leads within the first two minutes, were able to get excellent responses and in most cases, conversions were guaranteed. It is understandable that contacting lead prospects within a minute or so on a consistent basis could be a daunting task if you don’t make use of the right tools

So, the question is not, “How often should you call your insurance prospects?” The first two minutes after receipt of leads can be crucial. Besides, researches also reveal that the conversion probability increases by almost 62% if lead prospects are contacted within 30 minutes of receiving the leads. And the conversion chances could be around 36% if leads are contacted within an hour of their receipt

It only highlights the importance of contacting leads quickly and for an agent in business, you must set it as a priority. If you miss the opportunity, things will get harder as it will be even more difficult to convert aged leads.

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How Many Insurances Leads A Day Should An Agent Be Taking?

  • It is rather about the fast responses that an agent should be focusing on when dealing with fresh leads. This is not to say that one must not undermine the importance of doing cold calling as the method also helps in fetching probable clients.
  • But today there are lead generation companies which supply leads for a price. The leads supplied may be exclusive (interest verified) or non-exclusive (not so interested lead prospects) or even aged leads. As an agent, you need to set your priorities as your approach will directly impact your revenue earnings
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