Best 3 Simple Ways On How To Get General Insurance Agent License

how do i become a licensed insurance agent

If you are thinking, “how to get general insurance agent license?” then you need to educate yourself on the basics. Insurance rules and regulations that apply to agent licensing could be subject to change. Besides, it is important that you follow the correct approach to make your task easier and stress-free.

The process actually begins with gathering information about state requirements. You can take training course prior to appearing for a written examination for getting a valid agent’s license.

some common pre-requisites that apply to the process.

  • Background checks and minimum education - The first step to know How do I become a licensed insurance agent is to get information relating to the state criteria. Many states require probable agent hopefuls to be subjected to background checks for protecting consumer interests. Few states may even ask candidates to undergo fingerprinting for the purpose of identifying whether they have a past criminal record. In addition, one must have passed at least high school or diploma to be eligible for appearing in the exams. A degree course in finance, economics or business management could be even more desirable.
  • Now in the next step for learning how to get license for insurance agent, you must know about your state requirements. Most states recommend candidates to take a pre-licensing training course depending on the type of insurance products which they want to sell. To know more about the subject, you can visit your state’s department of insurance website. You may get information regarding government approved training institutes and course curriculum. State laws will specify the number of course hours that need to be completed before appearing for the agent licensing exam. But at the time of submitting your application, you may be required to pay some fees and even give proof that you have taken a training course.

  • Once you have met insurance agent license requirements, appear for the agent license exam and pass it successfully, you will receive license for selling insurance policies. By now you are armed with in-depth knowledge of insurance laws.

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