How To Write A Perfect Elevator Pitch?

Write Perfact Elevator Pitch

Penetrating in an overcrowded insurance marketplace with your business is indeed a big challenge already, especially when insurance agents hardly have any understanding about the insurance agent elevator pitch. This scenario will explain it all. When you suddenly come across a person standing next to you and you certainly have the opportunity to stimulate his or her interest in your services. Well, it is always a great idea to have something planned for such occasions – perfectly curated elevator pitch for agents.

How to give elevator pitch? Vital guidelines to be followed:

Firstly, one should make sure to create an intriguing headline. Something, short, precise and unusual may work best. Headline for sales elevator pitch example would be “I have a niche business.” or “You will not believe me if I tell you what I did.” This is a unique way to initiate conversation.

Another important thing is to explain who you work with. You can share details about the characteristic of the people you like to work with. This will help the listener to get some precise idea about your ideal client base. Examples can include “I work with those who own businesses and homes in these areas” or “My clients are those who own more than one home”

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Apart from, you may need to have exemplify how you solve a problem. Listener would be more interested in your brand and its services when he or she receives a short example of how you solved a client’s problem. You may want to start a conversation with sentences such as “recently, I helped one of my clients manage….” You should realize that the statement must not be more than three sentences. The listener should feel that you are indulging him or her into some interesting conversation.

Now, the next stage is to explain the insurance part. You can now clearly mention you are in the insurance business. All these steps are taken carefully so as to explain your business in a way that makes the listener curious.

Wondering how to write a perfect elevator pitch? Well, you need to brainstorm about what makes up your perfect clients and what problems your business solves for them. It is advisable to create several statements beforehand to grab the every opportunity possible. And the next important step is – practice, practice and practice.

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