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Eking out a successful life insurance agent career could be one of the toughest jobs. Although for many prospects, it may appear lucrative, the truth is most of the agents get frustrated within a year. Difficulties are galore for new agents as they normally depend on commissions earned on selling the exact number of insurance policies every month.

One may find it challenging to identify genuinely interested customers when you are out to sell insurance products. Even if your insurance company provides leads to you, it will be attended by numerous agents. And so, you may have to find genuine clients on your own.

Most of you might think that it is easy to eke out a career selling life insurance policies. Once you have sold a policy, you might get paid with a good initial commission and rewarded with passive income in later years on policy renewal if the buyer stays current on monthly or yearly premium.

But finding new customers consistently can be a harrowing task in a highly competitive market. It requires a lot of effort, time, and patience to reach out to potential customers if you intend to be a successful agent.

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Here are few difficulties associated with a life insurance sales agent career:

  • Independent agents work on contracts with insurance companies and so, they may not be entitled to get a monthly salary. They might have to depend on commissions earned by selling policies and so, your focus has to be directed on trapping new customers every month for which you will have to work for hours every day.

  • Locating verified or interest validated lead prospects consistently is yet another major challenge that agents face. Exclusive leads are expensive to buy and you can get the return for your investment only if you can convert them. That is precisely the reason why the majority of the insurance agents rely on old methods like door knocking or cold calling.

  • Life insurance products are hard to sell as even to the most qualified lead prospects as they have an array of questions that need answers from you. Customers want to make sure that they are buying a product that fits their specific coverage needs and budget. Perseverance is the key to success.

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