Learn Handling Objections In Insurance Sales


Handling objections in insurance sales can be challenging for agents or broker services. Unless you have mastered the art for overcoming those objections, the going could be tough. While some of the insurance sales objections may be direct, few may be disguised or indirect. It is important that you, as an agent, recognize such sales objections and address them properly so as to ensure that you successfully complete your sales presentation. In case, you are unable to handle insurance sales objections, it is unlikely that you will be able to close sales.

The term “insurance sales objections” refer to any queries arising from lead prospects which have real potential to derail the sales process. Sales objections may arise due to inability of a lead prospect to understand your products, the clients’ wilfully not disclosing their personal and financial situations to you or your failure to explain as to how your insurance products and services could benefit clients’ and their families. All these things can lead to questions arising in your probable customers’ minds and could lead to loss of sales.

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Here is a list of some common objections in insurance sales that agents face.

  • Lead prospect could be facing money problems and is merely using objection by raising questions.
  • Lead prospect is unable to understand the importance and value of your insurance product/service.
  • Lead prospect is simply not interested in buying life insurance and you have failed to realize that.
  • Meeting with lead prospect was unsuccessful because you lost control over the sales process.

Clients want to protect their money and so, you as an agent must be fully prepared for convincing them and allay their fears and thus, overcome sales objections.

Overcoming objections in insurance sales is all about your mindset and your ability to handle human emotions. To that effect, you must prepare yourself for answering customer queries and identifying objections. And to make that happen, you can even take guidance from experts.

At ProspectsForAgents, we will teach you how to overcome objections in insurance sales by developing skills that can help you in get on top of the mental and emotional games.

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