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If you are out to buy live transfer life insurance leads for agents with 100% conversion potential then you are at the right place. We supply real time live transfer leads giving agents the opportunity to talk to probable life insurance prospects directly via phone. Take advantage of our online services to raise your insurance sales and earn more money.

With our expertise return on investment (ROI) is guaranteed as all live transfer life insurance leads are verified and validated. Therefore, the chances of your closing deals are extremely high apart from the fact that the leads supplied by us come standard at affordable prices.Our unique pricing mechanism ensures that you don’t overpay for high quality life insurance leads.

lead filters include
  • AGE
  • Annual Family Income
  • Height & Weight
  • Has Insurance
  • Any Major Health Condition & Tobacco addiction
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How Our Life Insurance Live Transfers Process Works?
  • Based on your specific geographic location and availability of various life insurance coverage types, we will target live transfer leads that have 100% chances for conversion.
  • All live transfer leads supplied by us are guaranteed customers who are looking for affordable life insurance quotes and want advice from local agents.
  • Only those live transfer leads, which are verified and validated to meet your requirements, will get filtered and transferred via phone.
  • In case of your missing a call, client information will be posted in your online account through notification that you will receive in your email.
  • Our online system enables you to track client details and calls as well as in reviewing call recordings for measuring success of your business.
  • Act to raise your revenues and take your business to new levels of success. Get in contact with potential customers who are waiting to talk to agents and buy life insurance today!


buy life insurance qualified leads
  • Get The Best Life Insurance Leads - All our live transfer leads are exclusive and conversion is almost guaranteed. However, to sell leads, we have unique auction model that goes a long way in ensuring that you get them at a fair price. All you need to do is just set your best bid and the system will handle the rest. You may only have to pay slightly more but within budget than the second highest bidder. We take care that you don’t overpay for any lead.
  • Get Help At Every Step On The Way - Create an account with us which will be managed by one of our designated staff members. Our Account managers are basically lead buyer experts who have the knowledge and experience to guide you in managing your leads procurement and sales efficiently. The account manager will even provide advice which gives proper insights to you on conducting result oriented lead campaigns.

With our online live transfer life insurance leads for agents’ services, you can end up saving time on client prospecting. Real time delivery of exclusive life insurance leads ensures that you don’t have to invest time in tracking genuine customers.

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