All You Need To Know About Highest Life Insurance Commissions

life insurance commission payout

Commission on single premium life insurance could be high but products sales can depend on a host of factors. This may include insurance companies’ commission slabs as also the exact number of plans that agents sell. Besides, it might even matter whether an agent is on salary or commission basis. Contracts with insurers can make a huge difference on the amount of money that you will actually make.

And agent may even be eligible to receive compensation regardless of whether he/she is a salaried person or a person working on contract. Nevertheless, there could be few parameters which might influence the amount of money you can make out of selling insurance policies.

Here is some information about what the highest life insurance commissions come from

  • Size of your customer base.
  • The number of insurance companies that you are working with - both captive and non-captive
  • For how many years you have been selling insurance products and services
  • In what capacity you are working - Personal Financial Advisor, Life Insurance Agent or Broker
  • The type of compensation agreement with an insurer, if you are an independent agent
  • The type of compensation agreement with an insurance company, if working as an employee
  • Whether costs for staff, rent or supplies have to be adjusted against commission

Throughout the industry, life insurance commission payout plans are competitive. Companies incur certain expenses on maintaining staff, customer relation services, medical exams and such other reasons. These factors are also taken into consideration while determining commissions that are to be paid to agents. Accordingly, premiums are calculated by taking into account commissions or incentives which are to be paid to agents or brokers.

In addition, independent insurance agent commission rates differ depending on the type of policies being sold. Typically, insurance companies offer cash value or whole term and term life covers. The commissions for either of these plans could be different and these might further vary from company to company.

How much can insurance agent make?

To sum it up, while a lot may depend on life insurance agent commission structure, there are some things which you need to keep in mind as under.

  • Commissions will vary from company to company and types of plans being sold to new clients.
  • Commissions for renewal of old policies will be low about 2 to 5 percent.
  • Cancellation of coverage or lapsed policies can retard premium amounts.
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